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Dr. Stone: 4D Science Chapter 1 introduces the manga created by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi, which continues the story after the original series. In this new installment, Senku and the Kingdom of Science embark on fresh adventures with "Future Message" as the starting chapter. This chapter was released in English on November 5, 2023, via Weekly Shounen Jump.

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About Dr. Stone 4D Science

Introduction to Dr. Stone 4D Science: Dr. Stone, a manga created by Riichiro Inagaki with art by Boichi, has spawned a limited series titled Dr. Stone: 4D Science, set immediately after the original manga's conclusion. In this spin-off, Senku and the Kingdom of Science embark on new adventures, with "Future Message" serving as the inaugural chapter. This latest addition, Dr. Stone: 4D Science, was digitally published as an English simulpub on November 5, 2023, through Weekly Shounen Jump. The manga's genre encompasses Adventure and Sci-Fi, while its core themes revolve around Survival and Time Travel.

Dr. Stone 4D Science Main Characters Introduction

Senkuu Ishigami

Senkuu Ishigami, born on January 4, 2004, is characterized by red eyes and an AB blood type. He is a straightforward, highly logical individual who may sometimes come across as arrogant due to his self-assured nature. Nonetheless, his self-assurance is rooted in his extensive knowledge of science, enabling him to make well-reasoned decisions. Despite his intelligence, Senkuu maintains a respectful and encouraging attitude toward those with less knowledge, motivating and inspiring those around him. His charismatic and caring personality attracts both allies and supporters. Nevertheless, he can display exuberance when creating something new or making exciting discoveries.

Gen Asagiri

Gen Asagiri, with grey eye color and blood type B, had gained fame as a Mentalist prior to the petrification event, earning features in numerous magazines. Tsukasa, recognizing his potential as a valuable asset in his army, revived him.

Initially, Gen played the role of a spy for Tsukasa, tasked with determining if Senku was still alive in the village. However, influenced by the power of science and the appeal of cola, he underwent a significant change of heart and decided to switch sides, ultimately joining Senku's crew.


Chrome, a teenager with brown eyes, is male and known for his distinctive dress style featuring headbands. He is a descendant of modern humans and is noted for his extensive knowledge of science.

Taiju Ooki

Taiju Ooki, with brown eyes and blood type A, possesses a strong and sturdy physique. He plays a vital role in assisting Senku with tasks such as hunting and carrying heavy loads. Taiju's unwavering enthusiasm is evident even in the smallest of chores, often accompanied by enthusiastic outbursts. He's not one to engage in combat and prefers a defensive approach, focused on blocking his opponent's attacks.

Just before the world was petrified, he was on the cusp of confessing his feelings to Yuzuhira after a five-year delay. Regrettably, he had never found the courage to do so. As he turned to stone, his determination to never give up became his source of strength, rooted in the regret of not expressing his true feelings to her.

Release date of Dr. Stone 4D Science

Dr. Stone 4D Science Chapter 1 released on November 5, 2023. And Chapter 2 of Dr. Stone 4D Science is set to be released on Sunday, Dec 17, 2023.

Where can I access Dr. Stone 4D Science for free?

For a free read of Dr. Stone 4D Science, we suggest utilizing ALLMANGA, a reputable manga reading platform that provides an extensive and comprehensive manga reading guide service.

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