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Dogsred: A New Ice Hockey Manga, Where To Read Latest Chapters Free


Dogsred: Rou Shirakawa's journey from figure skating to ice hockey in Hokkaido, 2010, unfolds a captivating tale of redemption, camaraderie, and championship pursuit. Authored by Satoru Noda, creator of "Golden Kamuy" this manga, serialized since November 8, 2023, offers a unique blend of sportsmanship, tragedy, and triumph.

Dogsred is now accessible on ALLMANGA for free, Dogsred promises an enthralling narrative that transcends the boundaries of figure skating and ice hockey. Read for an exhilarating experience: Read Dogsred Manga

Dogsred: Manga Introduction

Dogsred: Join Rou Shirakawa, a skilled figure skater from middle school who transitions into the challenging world of ice hockey! Dogsred premiered in Weekly Young Jump on July 27, 2023, unfolding its storyline in 2010. Following Rou Shirakawa's journey, the series explores the aftermath of his disqualification and his introduction to ice hockey by the Genma brothers.

Set in Hokkaido in 2010, witness Rou's ascent as he achieves the highest score in the All-Japan Junior Figure Skating Championships. However, an abrupt loss of control results in his disqualification and a lifelong ban from figure skating. Now known as "the Rabid Prince," Rou finds himself in Tamakomai, a northern Japanese town deeply immersed in ice hockey.

On a hockey rink on a frozen lake, Rou encounters the formidable Genma brothers, setting the stage for an enthralling narrative. Explore Oino-kami high school's quest for a remarkable 20th consecutive national hockey championship. Immerse yourself in the intense battle sport of ice hockey, where transformation, growth, and evolution become the keys to turning setbacks into triumphs in this scintillating redemption story!

Satoru Noda's Dogsred can be found in Weekly Young Jump and is simultaneously published in Shonen Jump on November 8, 2023. Since its serialization, Dogsred has captivated readers with its compelling plot and dynamic portrayal of the world of ice hockey.

3 Reasons To Read Dogsred Manga

An Engaging Youth Ice Hockey Story

Dogsred presents a compelling narrative, revolving around Rou, a figure skater compelled to start anew in the realm of ice hockey. Rou, driven by dreams of Olympic success and the wish to share the triumph with his mother, faces a sudden tragedy as she loses her life in a car crash just before the qualifying rounds. This devastating loss shatters Rou's aspirations, leading to a public emotional outburst and his subsequent permanent ban from figure skating.

Now, Rou, accompanied by his twin sister Haruna, embarks on a fresh journey in Hokkaido. Through a sequence of unconventional events, Rou finds himself immersed in middle school ice hockey. Despite being an amateur, Rou's adeptness in figure skating proves to be a valuable asset in this fiercely competitive sport, where he strives to overcome challenges and carve out a new path towards success. The intertwining of figure skating and ice hockey, two vastly different realms, adds a special layer of anticipation to this story.

From An Eagerly Anticipated Creator Of Golden Kamuy

Dogsred, from the creator of Golden Kamuy, presents a visually compelling manga with a distinctive art style. Prior to the global acclaim of Golden Kamuy, Satoru Noda introduced Supinamarada! in 2011, a six-volume series depicting the redemption journey of a figure skater through middle school ice hockey, laying the thematic groundwork for Dogsred. Despite Supinamarada!'s commercial challenges, Noda's enduring popularity ensures wider recognition for his contemporary work. The revival of Noda's debut, Dogsred, offers an opportunity to captivate a new audience.

Noda entered the manga scene at 23, spending a decade as an assistant before unveiling Supinamarada! Despite the initial struggles of Supinamarada!, Noda's subsequent creation, Golden Kamuy, earned numerous accolades, including the 2018 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. As of November 2023, Golden Kamuy boasts a circulation of over 25 million copies, cementing Noda's status as a formidable presence in the manga industry. Therefore, Noda's new manga Dogsred is highly anticipated.

Learn More About Ice Hockey!

What makes Dogsred truly enjoyable is that you don't need to be familiar with ice hockey to appreciate it. Rou is just as inexperienced as any newcomer, allowing us to learn alongside him. This encompasses intricate rules such as when you can handle the puck and the specific permissible methods for confronting opponents. However, it also immerses newcomers in the intense enjoyment of the sport, albeit with a slightly more exaggerated approach than actual hockey.

Introduction of Dogsred Main Characters

Shirakawa Rou

High school skater Rou Shirakawa is a character in the manga Dogsred. After winning the All-Japan Junior Figure Skating championship, Shirakawa goes berserk, throwing a chair.

Keiichi Genma

Keiichi Genma is one of the main characters in the manga Dogsred. He holds the position of the captain of Hokuryo Junior High Hockey Club in the story.

Haruna Shirakawa

Haruna Shirakawa is a supporting character in the manga Dogsred. She is the twin sister of Rou Shirakawa and is featured in the series alongside other characters like Keiichi Genma and Toshimitsu Nihei.

Where to Read Dogsred Mange Latest Chapters Free Online

New chapters of Dogsred are released every Thursday at 12:00 am JST, with occasional breaks. If the introduction has captured your interest, you're in luck. Dogsred is accessible for free online reading. We suggest checking it out on the ALLMANGA website at no cost.

Click this link to start reading now: Read Dogsred Manga.

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